Five Horror Themed Casino Games for NZ Players to Master

There is an enormous selection of online casino games – covering every gameplay style and theme. How should you approach finding a reputable, trustworthy online casino platform that caters to the sort of games you really want to play? 

For New Zealand horror fans, you may be curious about which options are available to you; games which are engaging and exciting while embracing the horror theme. If you are searching for the best casinos for May and looking for games with horror and spooky themes – we have some suggestions for new games to check out. 

All the games we are highlighting have distinct horror themes, including eerie abandoned locations, famous monsters, witchcraft and haunted houses. As well as embracing horror in their artwork, themes and bonus features – these games are exciting and fast paced casino experiences sure to appeal to players of all experience levels. They are also available to New Zealand based players now, allowing horror fans to dive straight into the gameplay and action.

For a spine tingling slot experience, players might want to take a look at Haunted Hospital. Featuring characters inspired by horror films including ‘The Ring’ and ‘The Silence of the Lambs’ – this one will appeal to horror fans with it’s retro comic book style artwork and nods to classic horror tropes and characters. The game features the added excitement of a mystery bonus which players must search for as they explore the haunted halls of a spooky abandoned hospital. 

The haunted house is a staple of horror, and there is even a slot game based around the well known concept of a spooky, crumbling old house with a sinister past. Horror House was created to celebrate Halloween, but horror lovers can play at any time of year. 

The haunted house features some residents including Frankenstein’s Monster, Dracula, werewolves, and black widow spiders. Bats are used as bonus symbols in some of the game modes to seal the title location vibe. 

If you are in the mood for sorcery, Witches Wild Brew is worth exploring. Players are tasked with venturing into a dark and mysterious forest to look for legendary witches. Smoking and bubbling cauldrons contain prizes in this eerie, witch themed game. Interestingly, the gameplay is altered as the player passes through day and night cycles, giving the experience a unique twist. There are three spooky witch characters (a young beautiful witch, a classic old witch, and a powerful sorcerer) that reward the player if their sorcery is successful. 

Even brave players can find the combination of zombies and clowns nightmare inducing! But for those with a strong nerve, Zombie Circus offers a sinister experience featuring two of the scariest horror villains in history. 

Demented demon clowns and undead fortune tellers haunt the slots of this unnerving circus. There are a number of exciting bonuses available to win, with experienced players able to trigger a high stakes zombie wave, allowing them to rack up the wins as the zombie horde invades!

And our final selection for New Zealand horror fans is Monster Mash Cash. If you are counting down the days until Halloween, and can’t wait for the spooky season, check out this tribute to iconic monster characters.

Some lesser celebrated creatures such as the Loch Ness Monster pop up in this slot game, alongside more popular characters such as the Frankenstein monster, Igor, Dracula and the Creature from the Black Lagoon. Definitely the game for fans of the original Universal Monsters cinematic universe! Comic book style artwork is again the visual aesthetic in the forefront, and it works great here in creating a unique illustration style for these well known and loved characters.