Five Casino Ghost Stories to Make Your Blood Chill

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People mostly face the paranormal activity at the abandoned places like ancient castles, war battle spots or some other zones anyhow connected to death and violence. They emerge as wayward souls that have some mysterious missions on Earth. However, ghosts pop up sometimes completely unexpectedly in places they have nothing to do with. For example, they’ve been known to haunt some of the best casinos around the world. The following stories will tell you about unnatural experiences that happened in casinos.

1. Bally’s Casino

Any gambler who have visited Las Vegas at least once knows about the big MGM fire. Bally’s Hotel and Casino is the place that previously was MGM. A few months after the tragedy, two ghosts emerged right in the center of the play hall. Scared guests started a real panic there. It took the stuff incredible effort to calm everyone down. That was the night when the first photo of the spirits was taken. Afterwards the ghosts keep on visiting the hotel and the casino once in a few weeks scaring the guests.

 2. Bellagio


Over twenty years ago, the casino had a name Dunes Hotel and Casino. The visitors kept complaining on the chillness in the rooms although the windows were closed. The curtains were moving and blue light spots appeared on the walls of the casino. People that were there absolutely alone and rushed out screaming with fear. They assured that first they heard voices as if a crowd of people were in there. Afterwards they saw a big blue spot on the wall and a man walked through it. After that, the casino was completely rebuilt and changed its name.

3. Flamingo


This place in Las Vegas is well known for a mobster Bugsy Siegel. Nevada State prizes him for being one of the very few people to raise the state’s influence and make it one of the most important spots of the gambling world. However, after his death he is rumored to stay here, at one of the popular hotel-casinos of the state, Flamingo. His spirit has been showing up inside from time to time. The ghost is often seen in the Presidential Suite or at the pool late after midnight.

4. Excalibur


Although this place have no history of organized crime and mafia outfits as it was found only in the 90s, paranormal activity at Excalibur Casino is hard to be denied. They say that the tenth floor of the building is haunted. The guests usually claim they hear the blood-chilling whisper so close to them that they literary feel a cold breathing on their necks. They describe it as somebody invisible comes up when they are walking along the corridor.

5. Gilpin


Back in the 1800s, a couple who lived at the building before it was transformed into a casino tragically died. Bet their phantoms are still there. They disturb the people staying there before some serious accidents like a fire or a murder is going to happen. The owners believe they still treat the place like their home and are doing everything possible to prevent disasters. The casino is on the list of the most haunted.

All of it sounds scary, doesn’t it? So if you are not going to visit a casino in the nearest time, you can check Online Casino Guide and play some games of chance at home.