Five Amazing Horror Themed Skateboards

They might not be the most obvious of mash-ups – but horror and skateboarding often see their fanbases cross over in film, gaming, art, and unique, scary designs. In fact, earlier this month a horror video game inspired by the era of Playstation 1 skating titles was released as a game jam entry to an excellent fan reception. And of course, there is the camp classic haunted house movie House on Haunted Hill – which famously used a primitive skateboard for it’s ghost’s entrances and exits! 

With this in mind, here are five horror influenced skateboard designs that we love. Let us know your favourites! 

Credit: Slick Willies

Slick Willies have some incredible horror inspired deck designs on offer, including this example featuring deep sea monsters. We’re getting definite Lovecraft vibes on this board with the ominous squid-like creature locked in battle with a shark. The Santa Cruz Squid Bat Tail Shark Cruiser Skateboard is described as an ‘amazing all rounder’ that is suitable for all levels of skater – so even complete beginners can handle this monster board! 

Artist Cale Cathey draws spooky animals and stylised monsters – with his work being found on wall murals, in bars and one one-off helmets and skateboards. We particularly like this piece featuring a bear and shark engaged in a fierce battle. Both are missing chunks of their bodies, with cartoon ribs visible and large pointed teeth. The cuteness and cartoon style of the animals blends surprisingly well with the gory subject matter. Cathey created this unique piece of art for the 3rd annual Art Deck-O Skate Deck Art Show and Live Auction – helping to raise funds for independent documentary filmmakers. 

Artist Robert Sherwin mainly designs bold, colourful t-shirt designs. However, on a break from his usual work he painted a Frankenstein inspired design onto a skateboard. Much like his shirts, bold lines and colours make up the art – giving it the feel of a vintage horror comic. It’s also an interesting twist on the Frankenstein mythos – paying homage to the brain switching scene found in the original film starring Boris Karloff. 

Credit: Slick Willies

In another fantastic design from Slick Willies, the Penny X Tony Hawk Skateboard features a skeletal bird. Horror fans who still want a little colour will love this one. It’s a classy, gothic art piece with a more realistic style that some of the others in our list. Even better is that the board was created to support a good cause, with a portion of sales to be donated to the Tony Hawk Foundation. The foundation aims to provide safe spaces for children in low income communities to skate, and works with international agencies to bring skateboarding to children in developing countries. 

These Mexican themed designs are long sold out, but we still wanted to share the beautiful hand-painted designs from artist Erika Pearce. Pearce is a graphic designer and illustrator who specialises in vintage tattoo style artwork, pinups and typography. She painted directly onto old decks, up-cycling them into this stunning homage to the Day of the Dead; DIA DE LOS MUERTOS. 

There is no shortage of creativity in skateboard designs, and many horror themed pieces in a variety of styles. Let us know your favourites, or show us your own creations of horror inspired skateboard art!