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You might remember us previously reporting on the progress of indie horror film Honeyspider (and writer Kenny Caperton’s impressive house) We’re thrilled that the film is now complete, and the team were kind enough to share the screener with us.


The film the first feature length movie from independent filmmakers Josh Hasty (director / producer) and Kenny Caperton (writer / producer) and takes place on Halloween 1989. Hoping for a quiet twenty first birthday working in the local cinema, student Jackie falls prey to mysterious power as people around her turn up dead. If you’re a seasoned horror fan, the first thing you’ll appreciate in Honeyspider is the loving throwbacks to a long history of horror. There are scenes of an occult nature which build upon the queasy dreaminess of the Corman Poe adaptations. Yet Honeyspider is able to shift rapidly to a more distinguished 80s slasher vibe, embodying a lot of the fun of the later Jason movies. There’s a death which seems to pay direct homage to the grandfather of slashers – Black Christmas. Yet it also boasts an uneasy soundtrack which keeps you on a knife edge – akin to the slaughterhouse sounds of the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Many of the important horror milestones are covered, even a character who embodies the campiness of Vincent Price’s later career, or indeed a villain from Scooby Doo. 


What makes Honeyspider stand out is it’s visual style. It’s very much a ‘Halloween’ film – although if you’re anything like me that doesn’t really dictate what time of the year you would watch it. Many films take place on Halloween, but only a few are genuinely a Halloween film in spirit. The vintage decorations, the Jack-O-Lanterns, the Monster Mash, the striking garish masks. Everything visually embodies the holiday in a way we haven’t seen in the last couple of decades – Trick R Treat  being the exception. Honeyspider is currently having limited screenings throughout the US and is in search of distribution. This project is the premiere feature film from Paramount Scope. The film stars Frank Aard (April Fool’s Day remake), Joan Schuermeyer (Zombieland and Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2), Rachel JeffreysSamantha Mills (Bombshell Bloodbath) and newcomer Mariah Brown.


With the ‘film-within-a-film’ idea getting a little predictable – it’s nice to see it employed in a way that it’s obvious the filmmakers are having fun. ‘Sleepover Slaughterhouse III’ is a fictional film at the heart of Honeyspider and it’s exactly what you’re picturing. A nasty, dirty, hilarious throwback to low budget slasher films of the past – and it works well with the overall tone. In short, it’s a fantastic Halloween experience – for any time of year – and one to be enjoyed with a candy apply and a bucket of candy.

For more information, check out the Honeyspider website.

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