First Images & Poster Revealed For Brexit Inspired Horror Film

A new poster and series of stills have been revealed for upcoming Brexit inspired horror film Election Night. The films is a politically inspired home invasion horror from Director Neil Monaghan, that taps into the rising unease and division that now plagues our world.

In the film, five friends hold an Election Night party in a politically divided Britain – A far Right party and a Far Left party battle for control of Parliament whilst the threat of violent protest builds on the streets. Confident in the results the friends hold a gathering in their luxurious home and await the results. When riots break out throughout London, there is  a knock at the door and a plea for help, with one simple action their lives will be changed forever.

Monaghan explains; We live in interesting times,The world is becoming ever more politically divided, but the ideological rift is not split along traditional party lines. More than ever, people are retreating into their political bubbles, a world of black and white and nowhere in-between. It’s in this environment that I felt compelled to make ELECTION NIGHT. This is a film that explores what Britain might look like if the left and the right can’t find common ground. I wanted to make a horror film that uses home invasion movie rhythms, tensions and shocks to explore the issues that are currently tearing our society apart.

The film is set a few years from now and no reference is made to the actual political parties of today. Instead of Conservatives, Labour and Lib Dems, we have fictional parties from both right and left struggling for relevance in the shadow of a far left-wing party and a surging populist far-right movement. With division so rife – a misinformed, desperate generation could very easily back a charismatic extremist who can manipulate fear.It’s been a long time since the world was as divided as it seems today.

Whether it’s Trump and Hilary in America, the rise of extremism in South America, mainland Europe or Brexit closer to home, politics is more polarised than ever.It’s a powder keg just waiting to go off. ELECTION NIGHT is a film that goes beyond horror. After all, it’s a scary world we now live in”

ELECTION NIGHT will be the directorial debut of Neil Monaghan. A writer for film, theatre, television and radio, Neil originally trained with the BBC, working in post­production for the Film Department. The team will be filming in London throughout March and April 2019 and the films is due for release by Salt Film Releasing on DVD, Digital HD and in selected cinemas across the UK next October.