Finalist Spotlight: Raúl Guerra


Graphic narrator of journeys across the enchanted world of legends and mythology, Raúl GUERRA is an artist in possession of an insatiable curiosity, which gives rise to his prolific body of painfully alluring work. The influence of heroic fantasy themes exercises itself most evidently in his more recent works, made undoubtedly manifest by his passion for illustration. The female subjects can at times resemble water-nymphs or other evanescent fairy creatures. This particular pictorial style is underpinned by the multiple mythologies of times past and times yet to pass. Contrary to many for whose work is steeped in sensuality, GUERRA’s feminine evocations hold distinct notes of demureness & delicacy.

Tell us about your re-design concept.

My re-desing was done in Arches watercolour paper (which I recently discover as my new favourite surface for graphite technique). Prior starting the illustration I spent quite sometime searching for the ideal expresion and pose till I found the more convenient one.

It was done with different pencils, from HB to 6B. And it took me about half a month to finish her, as the sky and background were a bit of pain to execute.

Where did you get the idea for this concept?

I watched “The Bride of Frankenstein” for the first time quite recently. Im a huge fan of Halloween, so last year I was looking to create a new artwork and I wanted to be different, based on a less popular monster than Dracula, the Wolfman, etc…So I decided to base my illustration on this AMAZING and ICONIC character. I got really amazed by the movie: the only few minutes the Bride is on scene are priceless!!! Such a strong and beautiful performance.
So, for the artwork I wanted to create a similar feeling, like a black and white movie.
I did a drawing of her last year but it wasnt quite the feeling I was after. So for this year’s Halloween I started again the version you know now. I had so much fun drawing her hair, the feeling of solitude, the sense of fearlessness, the atmosphere. I think it was a long overdue tribute to my favourite “Monster”. She is as strong as it is fragile.

How long did your piece take to complete?

It took me around 15 to 20 days to complete her. Working around 2-3 hours everyday. I have a quite slow process when working with graphite in order to get the right tones and the balance between lights and shadows.

Why did you pick The Bride?

As I mentioned above I felt like doing some kind of tribute to one of my favourite characters and also I believe she quite fits on my style of illustration: big eyes girls with amazing hairdos. And I love love love her hair, her eyebrows, everything about her in fact. I wanted to see how I would reflect the psyque of this monster. How I would translate the emotions I felt while watching the movie onto a piece of paper. Elsa lanchester portrayal of The Bride was really amazing, and I feel a little better now that I did my tribute to her.
This is only my interpretation of her,…I hopes it invites more people to watch the movie or read the book.
The Art of Raul Guerra

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