Finalist Spotlight: Mathias Tingström


Mathias Tingström, born in Stockholm, Sweden 1974. He graduated with a bachelor degree from Institute of design at Umeå University. A creative product designer with varied professional experience, from directing a design and event consultancy (for companies such as 20th Century Fox) to working as a design and interaction manager for multiple of product categories in different countries within the Electrolux group. This has lead him to his current position leading the design studio at Global Consumer Design Whirlpool Europe.

He has been living in Italy since 2000.

Mathias has always had an artistic spirit and been sketching, painting or sculpting whenever possible since he was a kid. Even now with a full time career within industrial design, being married and a couple of kids, sculpting, illustrating and painting is still his inspiring hobby. There’s not better way of getting creatively inspired than drawing a monster or two with your kids.

Tell us about your re-design concept.
The Phantom is part of a series of sculptures I made some years back called “Little Monsters”
A tribute to all the classic monsters with a personalized caricature twist. The overall concept was to create a set of less scary and funny looking monsters that you want to look at. (Not run away from)
It’s about 12cm tall and made out of supersculpey and then dry rush painted.

Where did you get the idea for this concept?
It wasn’t really planned. I just started one day with the idea of recreating Frankenstein’s monster, and the inspiration just started to flow. As soon as that first sculpture was done the ideas and sketches of Dracula, the wolf man, Mummy and the Phantom was already in the making.

How long did your piece take to complete?
Probably about 8 hours including sculpting and painting. But when the inspiration kicks in, it felt like it was done in no time. Times flies when you have fun.

Why did you pick the Phantom?
The Phantom of the opera have been one of my favorite monsters of all times. He may not be as iconic as some of his monster palls, but cool anyway. I was always intrigued about the good side of monsters. The way most of them aren’t evil at heart but turned to that side due to the evil and narrow mindless of normal people. Phantom is a great example like that. That is why I made him quite shy and scared looking, but not scary.