Finalist Spotlight: Joseph Wraith


Joseph Wraith is a self-taught Graphic Designer, Animator and Illustrator who has worked for the likes of Disney, Clear Channel Communications, MGM and Universal Studios in Orlando, FL. He is the creator if The Fuglies. We asked Joseph a few questions about his entry.

Tell us about your re-design concept.
My concept for the Frankenfuglie is actually part of a larger series I am recreating of the Universal Monsters line. I am creating all of the Universal Monsters as my own Fuglieversal Monsters.”The Fuglies” are my style and take on the 70s Hot Rod Monsters art genre ike Rat Fink, Odd Rods and Wierd-Ohs of that era. You can check them out at

Where did you get the idea for this concept?
I have always loved the Universal Monsters since I was a kid and the 70s Monsters art was my favorite way to draw. So I kind of put them together, except I wanted to do more than just a plain illustration, I wanted to capture them in 3d.

How long did your piece take to complete?
It’s a long enjoyable process, kind of my Ship in the Bottle hobby. About a 3-4 day process total. I start with a rough pencil sketch and then sculpt it in Zbrush and texture paint, then export, detail and render in C4D, and then I create the background separately in  C4D and then add final details and hand paint in Photoshop.

Why did you pick the Monster?
He is my first choice in the collection. It seems most artists in this particular genre have a Frankenstein of some sort in their portfolios.I really love the Monster character and wanted to tackle him as well.