Finalist Spotlight: Catarina Loja


We asked each of the finalists in our Universal Monster’s re-design competition a few questions about their piece. Today we’re looking at Catarina Loja.

Tell us about your re-design concept.
The reason why i came up with this re-design concept is because i always found mermaids very interesting mystic creatures and just like it is a mystery if it existed or not, i thought that putting the The Bride and a mermaid together, would be the perfect combination. I wanted my re-design to be kind of “dark” but at the same time, beautiful.

Where did you get the idea for this concept?
Some weeks ago I saw a documentary about the existence of mermaids and as soon as I laid my eyes on this competition, and saw that I had to re-design on of the several universal monsters, I immediately came up with an idea of doing a “Mermaid Bride”. Let´s say I find mermaids very fascinating. But, on the other hand, I didn´t want to stick with the usual mermaid concept, with a fishtail. Instead, I searched several images of the The Bride and noticed she wore kind of “heavy” clothes, so I decided to make the fishtail look like that but in a way that it actually looked like a fishtail. This way, people could understand the whole concept.

How long did your piece take to complete?
It took me, approximately, one week. I had some obstacles to overcome, such as: finding a way to re-design a fishtail; knowing what position the mermaid would be, so that it would look more interesting and capture more attention; and all the details, shadows and lights.

Why did you pick the The Bride?
At first I wanted to re-design the mummy because the character itself is already scary but then when the mermaid idea came up to my mind, I thought the perfect match would be The Bride.