Finalist Spotlight: Abigail Larson

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We asked each of the finalists in our Universal Monster’s re-design competition a few questions about their piece. Today we’re looking at Abigail Larson’s Bride.

Tell us about your re-design concept.

I’ve always loved the Victorian era, and the “Bride of Frankenstein” concept. But I wanted to show her in a more friendly light, possibly helping out her monster, rather than running from him, as she does in the film.

Where did you get the idea for this concept?

I love classic horror movies, so this was certainly inspired by the original “Frankenstein” films. I didn’t like the ending of “The Bride of Frankenstein” though, and always felt bad for the monster! I really wanted them to end up happily together!

How long did your piece take to complete?

I worked on this for an hour or so at a time over the course of two weeks.

Why did you pick The Bride?

Both she and the Frankenstein monster are hugely iconic in the horror genre, and my two favorites. The bride in particular is really wonderful to draw because she’s a beautiful monstrosity. Someone who can be lovely and terrifying at the same time makes for a fascinating character.