The Final Diary eBook


We’re huge fans of indie horror serial The Final Diary, which we’ve been sharing with you on Popcorn Horror for a while. That’s why we’re really pleased to announce that the serialised piece has been released in eBook form. You can check out the great new cover art above. The official synopsis for the eBook reads:  

William Daniels: Author, coward, murderer, survivor.

The news reports are confusing.

The infection takes everyone by surprise and the infected have one thing on their minds: murder.
William Daniels writes books for children, is a loving husband and a caring father. His dream life is shattered when his wife comes home from work and tells him a homeless man bit her. On top of that, Gemma, William’s fifteen-year old daughter hasn’t come home from school.

He joins forces with his bullying neighbour and together with his freshly infected wife in the back of the car and an unwritten diary in his bag; they head out to search for Gemma.

When street thugs, a junkie and even the police cross his path, William soon learns that the infected are the least of his worries.

One thing is certain- the cost of survival in an infection-ravaged London is high.

After watching the story progress, it’s awesome to see it published. You can purchase the book on Amazon UK, Amazon US, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords.

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