Final Day to Support a Horror Film Tackling Male Anxiety and Depression

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Today is the final day to support indie zombie film Better Days. It’s a student film, which uses zombie invasion as a metaphor for anxiety and depression – particularly among male sufferers. The team are looking for £666 to complete the film, which they hope will raise awareness of male mental illness.

On their IndieGoGo, the filmmakers explain:

“While you’re reading this we are fighting a bitter battle with a horde of zombies in the backyard of a little flat somewhere in Leith. We have boarded up the windows, and bolted and barred the doors! We have armed ourselves with kitchen knives and baseball bats! But there’s no escape. Sooner or later, the feeble wood will give in to the pushing and pressing and we will have to face the walking dead.

But there is one tiny shimmer of hope. And that is you! Everybody knows that all zombies want to do is eat! So, we call on you, noble friends, to feed them! Draw them away from our doorstep, so that we can finish this little film we’re trying to shoot here!”

They’re based in Scotland – not too far from Popcorn Horror – so we’re feeling a little patriotic reporting this. There’s so much going on in indie horror all over the world, but it’s exciting when it’s happening on our doorsteps.

Head over to IndieGoGo to support this project.