Short of the Week: Teddy Bears are for Lovers

Collin, a 20-something Casanova, becomes haunted by the teddy bears he gave to his ex-girlfriends in this short horror comedy featuring a quintet of animatronic (not-so) cuddly companions.

A furry tale of revenge inspired by soft toys from a failed relationship, Almog Avidan Antonir’s Teddy Bears Are For Lovers is an action-packed horror comedy short. Drawing inspiration from movies like Child’s Play and Gremlins, there’s a lot for practical FX lovers to like in this indie short. 

Having just completed the feature-length script for Teddy Bears are for Lovers, writer David Ernesto Vendrell, Hawksworth and Antonir are now looking to bring the extended version of this tale to the screen. The team are also working on a horror anthology series called Campfire Horror.