Short of the Week: A Step Into Darkness

Of Tyrants presents “A Step Into Darkness,” the title track off their debut full-length album out everywhere May 12, 2017.

There is a flow of isolation from the darkest depths of my mind to my fingertips. It’s all I can see, solitude in an endless cavern of disease. My steps are eternally forward, the liar’s days are numbered. The undead among us want us to become them. Parasite, a splendid symbol of moral collapse. The encryption lies between the lines. I decipher the lies spit between your lips. Time slips away and my vision narrows, the eternal engulfment of systemic decay. A downward spiral, disease is the new oxygen. The words printed in gold will never shine in my eyes. How many good men have died from believing these lies? When creatures from the past come back to haunt you, it’s our natural instinct to crush this scum. We will crush this scum. Descend into hell and emerge as a leader. I will move forward, and take a step into darkness. This cancer will be removed from the inside out.