Short of the Week: INK

INK is not only an amazing example of Scottish horror from our friend Andy Stewart it marks the start of the ‘horror host’ inspired FEAR HAUS show.

For the past year, Blair Bathory of indie-horror fame and Drew Sawyer, producer and Moonshine Productions post-house owner in Atlanta, have been preparing the return of their original series FEAR HAUS. A spin on the anthology series and horror hosts of the 1980s and 90s, FEAR HAUS presents a fantastic selection of international and domestic short horror films, curated and introduced by Bathory herself.

Last year, Sawyer and Bathory created their ‘fearmaker’ program by bringing in guest directors to conceptualize and produce wrap-arounds for the series. Currently Director Molly Coffee and the Canadian creative powerhouse Luchagore Productions, with Director Gigi Saul Guerrero at the helm, have created 6 episodes each. Sawyer and Bathory are creating a “hub for horror” within the already burgeoning film industry in Georgia. With new episodes weekly, the intent is to create feature-length projects under the roof of their FEAR HAUS.

For this episode, settle down for another gruesome body-horror treat from Andy and Blistered Pictures with INK, a tale of tattoos gone horribly wrong…!