What happened to all the horror hosts? Scare fans used to have so many options to catch up on their weekly dose of fear. ‘The Crypt Keeper’ and its British cousin, ‘Tales from the Darkside’, and of course ‘Elvira: Mistress of the Dark’; to name a few. These characters have long since faded away into the pop-culture vault, but with the rise in digital filmmaking and independent cinema there’s an influx of horror content. Specifically, short horror films. Where can you watch said short films? Filmmakers have a year to self promote and put their masterpieces on personal Youtube and Vimeo channels that ultimately have very low view counts.

Here’s Episode 2 of the newest Season of FEAR HAUS, which we have selected as our short of the week. There’s nothing worse than fighting with your better half. What’s your advice for a happy relationship? Find out in this short!

There are so few options for us indie-kids to get our work out into the world. The horror community craves content, but so few outlets to watch actually exist. The creators of FEAR HAUS are curating an online museum of horror!