Short of the Week: Dark Wake

Dark Wake is a horror/fantasy short film by director Abdul Ali. The story follows a lonely recluse who lives a recurring nightmare – he is trapped in a cycle where large demonic creatures devour him over and over again. His only hope of escaping is a strange being who speaks to him through a hole in the wall. Not quite human, its face is scarred and worn. But it’s intentions are unclear – does it want to help or harm?

The film tells a simplified story that is intended to be a small vignette within a larger world. It includes only a few key elements: 2 characters, a single location and some really strange creatures. Shot in a bedroom over 3 days, the film required a significant amount of post-production work due to the creature effects involved.

Abdul Ali is a director whose background is in visual effects. As a visual effects artist, he has worked in commercials and on feature films such as Crimson Peak and Tron: Legacy. He is both the writer and director of Dark Wake, his first short film.