Filmmaking Channel Demonstrate Gore Sound FX With Fruit


The Film Look aka  Rob & Rich, two filmmakers from the North East of England, try to tackle what it takes to make an indie movie look more like the big-budget equivalent.

In the Youtubers latest video, they show aspiring horror filmmakers how to utilise one of the best, most versatile tools for recording nasty, gory sounds: the watermelon.

The watermelon is a great source of all kinds of sounds; this post by Asbjoern Andersen of A Sound Effect explains just how versatile they can be: The number one go-to fruit for gory sound effects is the watermelon; there are so many great sounds hidden in it. You can crunch, cut and rip the peel apart which is great for dismemberment and ‘body-opening’. Dropping a watermelon from a ladder to the ground that it explodes is great for—well—exploding heads and bodies. Playing with the ‘guts’ of the melon by grabbing, whirling and punching right in it for really disgusting splattering sounds. Cutting through the pulp with a knife is great for flesh slices (combined with the ‘Ching’-sound of a knife).”

The video has a lot of advice for beginner filmmakers, check it out below and see more from The Film Look on YouTube and Facebook.