Fifteen Terrifying Re-purposed Doll Heads

Reduce, reuse and recycle; can’t argue with the philosophy. Perhaps though, there are some things that shouldn’t be recycle! The ever crafty Pinterest crowd have gone crazy for re-purposing old doll heads recently, and the results are often terrifying. Take a look at some of these craft projects which recycle old doll heads, and hope they don’t haunt your dreams…

It’s the childlike innocence of the faces that makes them so creepy!

Even wanted to stab an infant multiple times in the brain?
Perfect for lighting a dark night.


For the creep with class!


Why stop with heads?


Creep your cocktails!


Hang on your wall, ensure no one ever comes over again.


Unicorns, dolls and tea – gone bad


Relax under the glow


It’s coming…for caterpillars


Time for shots!
Take a pencil, if you dare.


Is that supposed to mean it’s brain is growing out of it’s head?


Keep your crafting books in order.


Heads are spooky. Lack of heads are more spooky.

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