Feminist Horror ‘Love You To Death’ Launches Kickstarter for WiHM

Love You To Death is the brainchild of Elizabeth McCafferty. A dark and twisted look into the world of relationships and the trust we put into them. This is a neo-feminist, cannibalistic, tale of love and revenge. Elizabeth has been working non stop to assemble a hungry, predominantly female, cast and crew looking to stamp their mark within the film industry.

‘’I want to support as many women in the industry as possible. It’s important we continue to make work and opportunities to lift each other up, so we can help each other climb the ladder in our specialised roles.’’ 

The short film is currently in its stages of pre-production and the team are busy creating a promotional push to get the budget through crowdfunding to bring this story to life. They are looking through many avenues to fund the project, Indiegogo being the go-to option for investors during the 30 days, as well as networking with other passionate professional teams in the industry to get the project out there. 

‘’It is a daunting task but I am finding other incredible people who share my desire and passion for film and storytelling that are keeping me going. People who work endlessly to reach their goals are not afraid to put in the hard work and effort that comes with creativity’’ 

The team behind Love To You Death have a love and craving for the horror genre and come from a film and creative background. From event work including FrightFest and BFI, joining BAFTA crews in 2019 and working on feature and television work. 

‘’I love horror. It’s such a versatile genre, you can create something that is a social commentary, whilst also fully submerging yourself in beautiful, shocking visuals, with dark symbolic twists. It can be romantic, twisted.. maybe even sick but I always reflect on the deeper hidden meanings within films and that is all part of the beauty of cinema. This film isn’t for the fainthearted but neither is filmmaking” 


Follow the team through their fantastic journey on Twitter @LYTDShortFilm and Instagram @LoveYouToDeathFilm and most importantly donate at the amazing Indiegogo page and check out the concept trailer and cast interviews.