February Popcorn Horror Magazine – WiHM/Valentines Special, PWYW


It’s time for a very special Women in Horror Month and Valentines themed Popcorn Horror magazine. We are extremely proud to be involved with WiHM, and to bring you a range of awesome indie horror content from a dedicated team of volunteers and fans.

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As usual, we are offering the magazine as ‘Pay What You Want’. If you are able to pay, we ask that you make a small donation, which will help us contine supporting indie horror creators. If you aren’t able to pay, we would also really appriciate you sharing the magazine with a friend, reviewing it on your blog, or sharing it on social media.

Our romantic monsters cover was illustrated by the talented Liam Irons. Check out his website for more awesome horror art.

Pay What You Want

We have broken this issue down into three categories, as there’s so much great stuff to get through!

Women in Horror Month: 

Female Horror Directors, a timeline

Scream Queens: A History

Jennifer’s Bodies Festival: Meet the Founder

Jennifer’s Bodies Festival: Filmmakers Q&A

Hand-picked top female directed horror shorts

WiHM Fiction Special: E.A Black

WiHM Fiction Special: Lori M. Myers

Valentine’s Day: 

Gruesome Gift Guide

Happy Valentine’s from BLAIRE

Erotic Fiction from Destiny West


The Forest of the Lost Souls

Rock in Purgatory (R.I.P) comic

The Nightverse: The Unbreakable and Split Universe

Romeo’s Distress 

Diary of a Horror Nerd

Thanks for your support for the magazine so far. We hope you enjoy the latest issue! #SupportIndieHorror

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