How Fear Affects the Brain

The human brain is a marvelous and miraculous body organ. As a big conglomerate, it is responsible for running several businesses which benefit the human body. It helps send out hormones, gathers information, and calculate organ activity. But, the human brain is a trickster as well. It can manipulate you and at times take you to a place where you would prefer not to be.

Human beings are prone to be afraid of something or someone. For instance, snakes, thunder, spiders, or turbulence among other things. Regardless of what they fear, this affects their brains in a way. Additionally, it makes their bodies to react. Your chest may pound too hard, knees begin to shake, your muscles freeze, or your palms sweat. All these reactions come from you being afraid of something. This article seeks to discuss the effects of fear on the human body and the brain.

How does fear affect the brain?

As aforementioned, the human brain is a miraculous and marvelous organ in the body. It is responsible for numerous activities people tend to take part in or do. Any activity or person, irrespective of their size and nature can affect how you react. How you react to fear begins in the brain and it spreads through the body to make changes for the ideal defense, or flight reaction. The response of fear begins in the amygdala – a brain region that has an almond shape. The amygdala is a set of nuclei which is found in the brain’s temporal lobe. It is responsible for identifying the emotional pre-eminence of the stimuli that is how much something is unique and outstanding to you.

How the brain reacts or responds to fear results in changes in the body which prepare your to be more effective in danger. Hyper-alertness occurs in the brain. Pupils and the bronchi distend or enlarge and your breathing hastens. Also, your blood pressure and heart rate increase as well as your flow of blood and glucose stream to the skeletal muscles. Body organs which are not integral in survival, for instance, the gastrointestinal system begins to slow down. The hippocampus, a part of the brain, has a close connection with the amygdala. Together with the prefrontal cortex, they assist the brain to interpret the threat they are facing or apt to face. They process context at a higher level which helps you to identify and recognize whether the threat is real or not.

So, for those who wonder and ask, “How does fear affect the body?” Well, this depends on the threat and how the brain reacts to it. When you see a horror film and a lion walking past your gate trigger different fear reactions. Hence, this will affect how your body responds to it.

Fear while studying

When a person is in a state of fear, more so a student, their bodies produce and emit stress hormones in their bloodstream. According to , cortisol – low and medium levels of stress hormones, enhance learning and improve memory. On the other hand, high-stress levels impart learning and studying in a negative manner. Thus, if you want to improve your learning or studying skills, try and find a way you can use to learn how to stop living in fear.  For instance, you can try changing your study environment by moving seats around or alter your study space.

An environment that is full of fear and anxiety is not good or ideal for learning or your memory. It will be for you to grasp or understand anything from your study material. Additionally, it will be challenging for you to perform well on cognitive tasks when class assignments or writing tasks bombard your brain. Nonetheless, a calm and serene environment can help augment learning. Fear is good for some people and bad for others. Some tend to enjoy it as they love the adrenaline that comes along with it. Regardless, certainty lies in the fact that the amygdala has the potential capability to protect you from danger.

How students can reduce stress

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In conclusion, fear is a dominant thing in the life of an individual. How the brain reacts to it affects how the body responds to it. Human beings need to look for ways through which they can reduce or combat fear. For instance, some scientists state that if you want to reduce fear, you can start by knowing how to describe fear. This will help you to develop a unique approach for different situations. Also, above is how fear affects the brain and the body.