This Farmer Grows Frankenstein’s Monster Shaped Pumpkins

They look like they’ve been carved from wax, but these ‘Franken-pumpkins’ are the work of something of a real life mad scientist. Tony Dighera is a farmer, who owns Cinagro Farms – and they specialize in growing fruit and vegetables inside molds to create uniquely shaped produce.

Last year the farm grew over 5,500 of the monstrous pumpkins. Dighera was inspired after seeing photos of square watermelons grown in Japan, which he emulated through trial and error before graduating to making love hearts. From there, he dedicated his entire farm to growing the monsters, which he hopes could produce over 30,000 per year in the future.

Sometime in the hot sun the molds containing the pumpkins explode – resulting in a Frankenstein-meets-zombie appearance. The farm is looking to expand their horror range, and are experimenting with creating white pumpkins inside skull molds.

Check out the Cinagro Farms website to check out more of their creative produce.

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