Fan-made Hellraiser Monopoly


Despite the influx of branded board games, ranging from Doctor Who to Sherlock, horror has been somewhat neglected on the board game front. However, Hellraiser super fan Brian Sharp took it into his own hands to remodel the most famous board game in history on his favourite film franchise.


The game was created as part of Horror Homework’s Clive Barker contest, and beat out nine other finalists. The entire game was designed, hand-crafted, and sculpted by Mr. Sharp. The game allows you to bargain with souls rather than money, and even includes game pieces sculpted in the likeness’ of Pinhead and his Cenobite friends. The board itself is of course modelled after the iconic Lament Configuration Box, and destinations include the various levels of the fiery depths.


There were only nine versions of the game created, but Sharp occasionally makes a version and sells it on eBay. Check out more images of the game below, or find out more about the competition here.