Facts About Online Essay Writing Competitions

An essay is a type of prose composition that involves revealing the author’s view of the phenomenon in a relatively concise form. Often young people write essays in order to participate in an online competition. Information about such contests is usually distributed through the official website of the educational institution and social networks. An organizing committee and a jury, which evaluates the submitted papers, are usually chosen in order to conduct a competition and summarize the results.

The main criteria for evaluating an essay include the following:

  • Compliance with the stated topic and the depth of its disclosure;
  • Conciseness;
  • Reflection of personal position;
  • Possession of the expressive means of the language;
  • Literacy;
  • Availability of a list of sources used;
  • The volume of work.

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In this article, we want to describe some important facts about online essay writing competitions.

Information About Essay Writing Contests

Interesting facts about online essay competitions are represented below:

  1. “The Independent Social Research Foundation”, in conjunction with the “Cambridge Journal of Economics”, annually holds an essay contest on social behavior and its analysis. The main prize is € 7,000 and the publication of the paper;
  2. Today’s youth can annually take part in one of the most famous essay contests in the world “The Leader of Tomorrow”. The approximate volume of an essay is 2000 words. Main theme: “Return to Freedom: What basic aspects of freedom need to be protected in order to meet the challenges of our time? Candidates should submit ideas that could influence the jury. Professional and creative essays are usually expected. It is important to present yourself in the best way, show courage and an unconventional approach! Candidates receive an opportunity to:
  • Join a discussion with the 600 best world leaders;
  • Share their ideas and suggestions with the world elite;
  • Get acquainted with 200 bright world young minds;
  • Become members of an original global organization;
  • Receive a reward of CHF 20,000, as well as receive the Gallen Wings of Excellence Award;
  1. The annual essay contest “SGTrader” involves writing an essay on the topic of the future of mankind: “Our life on a spaceship”. Students need to think about how life will change when people live in zero gravity. Prizes: $ 3,000 for education expenses. The author of the best essay usually receives $ 2000. Two other finalists – $ 500 each.
  2. “World Nomads Travel” is looking for three prominent writers who are ready to travel to Mongolia for training. The tutoring will be conducted by professional photographer Richard I’Anson;
  3. “The New Media Writing Prize” takes interesting and creative stories that bring together various platforms, formats, as well as digital media;
  4. Modern people all over the world usually participate in a grant competition of stories about creative civic activism. The objective of the competition is to identify and support creative people covering the social activity of citizens, as well as to promote the formation of a positive attitude towards life in society;
  5. Eco-generation “Tunza” regularly offers contestants to write an essay on the topic: “The fight against air pollution”. This is an annual essay competition dedicated to climate protection;
  6. Economics conducts an international competition of scientific essays, the main theme of which is “Inequality in the modern era: an unresolved issue”.

Competition Specifics

As it is known, the holding of competition has certain particularities. Below we will tell you about the general features of online essay contests:

  • Sending work to the competition is a confirmation that the participant is familiar with the “Regulation on the competition” and agrees with the procedure and conditions for its holding;
  • The participant of the competition guarantees that the information about him provided for the competition is reliable;
  • When writing a competitive work, the participant must take into account the basic requirements for the implementation of this type of paper;
  • By submitting an essay for participation in the competition, each participant guarantees that the work does not violate the copyright and property rights of third parties, the participant of the competition is its author and owner of the exclusive right to it, and also gives his consent to the organizer of the competition to post his work on the network Internet, the media, as well as its publication and duplication in print;
  • The jury evaluates students` materials and identifies winners in each direction and nomination of the competition. The number of winners and prize winners is determined by the jury separately for each direction and each nomination, depending on the quality of the material provided.

So, in this article, we tried to provide relevant information about online essay contests. We hope that it will bring you a favor!