What Extra Expenses Do Home Sellers Have to Pay?

Selling a home is hard work, from getting it cleaned out and dressed up, marketing it like it’s your job to, to possibly having to take on a real estate agent to help you out.  Your mind might be on the big payoff when you’re selling a home, but unfortunately, getting it isn’t free!  Sellers have fees and expenses that come up when they’re trying to get someone to buy their home, and these costs can rack up quickly if they’re not careful.  

Cleaning Fees

This expense is one of the only two on the list that could be avoidable.  All you’d have to do to avoid this charge is to deep clean your own home.  Sweeping and mopping aren’t enough when it comes to prepping a home to sell.  You need to clean your carpets in-depth, wipe down your walls of any dust, deep clean the grout in bathrooms and your kitchen, and dozens of other small but grueling tasks to make your home look and feel brand new.  Painting your walls and pressure washing the outside of your home are other nearly necessary steps you should take to ensure you sell, but they also cost money.

House Staging

So that homeowners don’t have to live in their home while they sell it, and also so they don’t have to leave their furniture behind while they sell it: house staging is vital.  Not only do staged houses sell faster, but they also can help homeowners sell at a higher price.  Nearly every staged home sells within the first three months, which makes it a vital step.

Real Estate Agents

This charge is the second optional expense on this list.  Although you can sell your home on your own, the better choice is to use an agent or realtor.  These professionals offer skills gleaned over years of doing this difficult job to make sales quickly and at top dollar.  Unfortunately, they do cost two to six percent of whatever you make in the sale.  The more your home is worth, the higher this adds up. 

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Home Inspection

A home inspection before you sell your home is necessary.  This cost isn’t the buyer; this is for yourself and your agent to ensure you have a home capable of being sold.  These inspections usually cost between one and two hundred dollars and can be completed by someone who can also quote you your home’s value for the same price.

Any Repairs

After you’ve had your inspection, you’ll be expected to complete any repairs necessary to bring your home up to a buyable standard.  Although you can sell the house as I, you’ll lose more money taking that path than you would just correct the problems yourself.

Taking Closing Costs

Closing costs are most often put on the home buyer, so most sellers don’t even think about them.  Unfortunately, in a buyer’s market where there are plenty of homes for sale that they can afford, this means that sellers could end up having to cover the closing costs to even get a chance at selling.  Using a seller closing costs calculator can help you plan ahead so you’re not blindsided by this.