Express Yourself: How to Plan Your Cosplay Outfit

You and your friends may be super obsessed with Japanese anime and manga. You stream watch parties from reputable sites like because it is so much fun to watch with friends. If you are ready to take your anime otaku obsession to the next level, then consider attending a cosplay convention.


Cosplay is a nickname for the words “costume play”. It became popular in the 1990s – at the same time, both Japanese anime and manga became famous around the world.

Even if people cannot get the dialogues and read subtitles, these materials were and are still loved by many. Until today, citizens of the 21st century cannot get enough of this genre because of the exciting visuals, compelling storyline, and poignant musical scoring. If you want to show your undying devotion to the craft, get your favorite Japanese character costume ready and head out to your first cosplay convention. Here’s what you need to do to get prepared:

Choose Your Character

Choosing the character to emulate is the most critical part of your cosplay journey. From the many characters out there, you have to pick only one. You can go as the cutesy Sailormoon, dress up as the beloved fur ball Pokemon, go with the spunky Naruto, or pick something out of this world like Kaonashi from the beloved Spirited Away. Be sure to select a character that you can do justice to and portray with confidence. With so many anime titles, you are spoilt for choice.

Plan Your Outfit

After deciding on the character, you have to plan your outfit. Make a list of things you need. Ask yourself: Will you be buying them or making them from scratch? So as not to get overwhelmed, you can use a Cosplanner. It is an app that helps you plan your cosplay outfits. If you are not sure about what you need, double-check with reputable Japanese anime websites like Grasp all the character’s details. For best results, watch a few episodes to make sure you don’t miss a thing. Print out the images so you’ll have a pegboard. To get into full character mode, you have to prepare your clothes, shoes, hair, accessories, and even weapons.

Make Preparations for Hair and Makeup

Some characters need you to do your hair and makeup. For example, if you are going as Sailormoon, then, you need blonde hair with two buns on your head. That’s her signature trademark. If you intend to portray Shiina from Angel Beats, then you will need blue hair. Now the question is, will you dye your hair, or will you buy a wig? The same goes for makeup. If you want to stay true to the character, you may need to hire a makeup artist, especially when you don’t know the stage makeups.

Buy Your Tickets

After making all these preparations, do not forget to buy your cosplay tickets. Be sure to reserve this in advance so you won’t miss out on your slot. Sometimes, buying ahead or buying for a big group means you can secure attractive discounts. Be sure to check out the nearest convention venues so you can plan with your friends.

Final Word

Cosplaying is an art that also gives you a chance to express yourself. Some people look down on cosplayers thinking they are immature. However, people who love this hobby do not care as they feel happy pursuing their passions. Besides enjoying, cosplay makes you feel young, positive, and carefree. Indeed, age is nothing but a mere number. Growing old may be mandatory, but the power to feel young rests in your hands. See you in future conventions, cosplayer!