Popcorn Horror Presents…The Experiment

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We love horror, but it’s become saturated with sequels and endless big budget remakes.

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We’re dedicated to supporting grassroots, independent horror content

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There are creative individuals out there making awesome original content. That’s why we’re launching ‘The Experiment’

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We believe we’ve come up with an effective way of supporting the people behind independent horror, our new toolset – Bolster.

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Bolster, is a platform that provides tools to help the creators earn money, promote their projects and interact with their fans. These tools are linked to a Bolster Button.

This button can then be embedded in a website or video player.


For ‘The Experiment’, we’ve invited four of our favourite producers of indie horror content to come on board and help us test Bolster. They are –

Horror News Net

Zombie Popcorn

Patrick Rea

Shining Example Films

This is the first group of official test subjects, and our partners in this ambitious project.

They’ll be using the Bolster tools on their own websites and videos.

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We will be running ‘The Experiment’ for ten days, and at the end of it, we’ll publish the results.

The aim is to prove that Bolster is a way of genuinely supporting content creators.

If we get good results we will then start to open up the tool set to everyone.

10 days

We’ll be looking to determine –

What percentage of people will press the Bolster button?

What percentage of people will pay to support projects?

What percentage of people will interact with the other tools?


So, here’s how you can get involved

push the button

Press the Bolster button

support bolster

Support the projects

check it out

Check out what’s going on

give us feedback

Give us feedback

share with friends

Share with your friends

So stay tuned over the next ten days, and be part of the ‘The Experiment’


The Results









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