What to Expect from Razorblade Smile at our Halloween Horror Night


Last week Popcorn Horror sat down with Glasgow punk band Razorblade Smile to get to know the guys before their special appearance at our Halloween Horror Night. Shug and Roddy, the bassist and guitarist respectively sat down with us at The Rum Shack’s laid back beer garden and described the band’s overall aesthetic.

“Poundland Ramones” Roddy remarked.

Formed in 2008, the band went through several setups before entering the studio with their full lineup in 2010. As well as Shug and Roddy, the band features Davy on the drums and Kate performing lead vocals. “You can’t take yourself too seriously” Roddy explained in reference to the band, who describe themselves as a rock band with a conscience and a sense of humour, who’s influences include The Ramones, THe Subs, The Sex Pistols and Reagan Youth.


In-keeping with the Halloween spirit, the band assured us that they will be performing in costume. What their costumes will entail however, they have decided to keep a mystery. This will be Razorblade Smile’s first horror themed gig, though they aren’t new to the genre. Roddy told us he grew up listening to horror influenced artists including Alice Cooper and Black Widow. They told us that vocalist Kate is a big Evil Dead fan.

“Evil Dead’s the best film ever, and the original Nightmare on Elm Street” Shug added, “Those two films always stand out in my mind”

The guys were also enthusiastic about the Halloween theme, with Shug telling us that the best part of the season is “scaring the shit our of someone”. Roddy explained why Halloween is so awesome for the band; Everybody forgets their seriousness, gets dressed up and enjoys themselves for the night…though as you become an adult it stretches out to the whole weekend!”

You can catch the band between 9 and 10pm at our Halloween Horror Night at the Glasgow QMU, Friday 30th October. They will also be performing in Ivory Blacks on the 14th November as part of an event showcasing Glasgow’s energetic punk rock scene.

Find out more about Razorblade Smile at their Facebook Page, or check out their music on Soundcloud.

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