Evil Dead Minecraft Madness


Minecraft has created a community of creative individuals coming together to build some pretty awesome stuff. There are far too many horror themed mods and creations to list, so we’re going to take a look at The Evil Dead. First up, MinecraftN00B98 built this awesome replica of the famous cabin.

Exterior Shots

02 - 04Pnk5C

01 - Some outside views

Main Room

05 - PV7t4op

06 - dnSNSsN


08 - First Bedroom

09 - Second Bedroom


07 - The KitchenDining Area

10 - Another shot of te Kitchen

The Basement

15 - Second Room

14 - KtCAWpw

13 - First Room

12 - The CellarBasement

Next up, Mineecraft player UltraViolet37 created a game map based on the Evil Dead Franchise (with some Cabin in the Woods thrown in). He describes it as “Travel to a mashed-up remake of the settings from The Cabin In The Woods and The Evil Dead movies and discover the things that were and shall be again… And if you delve deep enough, you may discover why horrific things like this need to happen.” The map can be downloaded here, and we have some screenshots below.





To wrap things up, here’s Miners Who Craft’s take on the franchise with a Minecraft adaption of the original trilogy.