Ash Is Set To Take On Lovecraft’s Dark Ones

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Evil Dead 2 is one of the most loved and respected horror sequels; amping up the gore from the first film while fully realising the franchise’s goofy, groovy potential. Even if Army of Darkness was Sam Raimi’s official sequel to the second film, there’s a whole lot more to be explored in the Evil Dead universe. Space Goat Publishing have taken on the task of furthering the world of Candarian Demons in there series of comics.

Written by Frank Hannah with art by Oscar Bazaldua, Carlos Eduardo and Chris Summers, Space Goat Publishing’s previous Evil Dead 2 comic involved Annie and Ash fighting their way back to Earth. Fans of the film will remember her as the intelligent daughter of the cabin’s original owners. She’s back in this comic, helping Ash take on Lovecraftian beasts! Annie has suffered an aneurysm and while she recovers a part of her psyche seems to have been infiltrated by the dark ones. Doesn’t that sound like an epic horror mash-up?

The comic is set for release in August, and will be launched with two covers – one a clever Friday the 13th parody, and one depicting Ash and Annie’s struggle against Lovecraft’s monsters. Both are available for pre-order.

Evil Dead fans might also like to know that Space Goat Publishing are about to begin crowdfunding the creation of a board game based on Evil Dead 2.