Everybody Dies Book Trailer


Everybody Dies is described as ‘a children’s book for grown ups’. The parody of classic children’s books was co-authored by David Ury, an actor best known for being crushed by an ATM in Breaking Bad. Ury has also appeared in American Horror Story, the films Dark Ride, The Revenant, Parasomnia and many other projects.

The press release explains “Finally, a book about death that the whole family can enjoy. It’s 48 full color pages of fun, including “Diseases that could be killing you right now” and “Last Will and Testament” that you can fill out at home.Written and Illustrated by Ken Tanaka along with hislong lost identical twin brother, actor David Ury, Everybody Dies will help grown ups cope with the inevitable fate that awaits us all.  Although originally meant for adults, Everybody Dies may be most effective when read to frightened parents by their children.”

“Ken Tanaka has an earnestness and innocence that conveys the whimsical and the sublime while kicking your heart right in the balls.”

— David Mack, NY Times best-selling author of Kabuki

“An amusing, quirky, and original take on the issue of eternal rest, with charming and thought-provoking images that boldly illustrate a difficult subject with rare humor and poignancy.

— Tanja M. Laden, Flavorpill.com

“Tanaka has crafted a slender tome that slyly assists readers in coming to grips with the grim reaper in every conceivable fashion.”

— Fangoria

Check out the trailer and previews from the book below, or purchase the book here.


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