Even More Terrifying Easter Bunnies (And Appropriately Horrified Children)

A few years ago, we spotlighted some terrifying vintage bunnies scaring the life out of horrified children. Now that Easter is upon us again, here’s even more bunnies with soulless eyes, gaping mouths, and a penchant for gruesome murder we assume.

Bunny made his career in home invasion movies.

‘Mummy, why are it’s eyes bleeding?’

After Easter he was never the same…

When xenomorph met bunny, they had a surprise weeks later.

Hellraiser lost characters.

Satan comes in small packages.

Bring me carrots and no one gets hurt.

Don’t bill me for the therapy.

Less ‘Happy Easter’ and more hostage tape.

‘Say, bunnies – human pie tonight?’

‘Wanna know what happened to my eyes, kid?’

This bunny has just taken some very questionable substances.

He’d been searching for a minion for a long time.

No one else knew what Mr. Fluffypants was laughing at…

Only Superman can save you from the Easter Bunny.

Corpse disposal for carrots.


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