Essential Camp Crystal Lake Items To Add Your Your Collection This Friday 13th

It’s Friday the 13th – and time to honor everyone’s favorite mummy’s boy murderers. We’ve handpicked some awesome items from indie creators to show your love for the infamous Camp Crystal Lake and it’s most famous inhabitant. Happy Friday the 13th everyone!

Pin by millypins
Candle by Horror Decor. A woody, pine fragrance with just a touch of smoky notes reminiscent of a campfire that will keep you safe from what lurks behind the trees…maybe.
By Inked Up Merch. This knapsack has enough room for overnights in the woods if you dare!
NES Machette pins by 14Eight
UnderGroundGear’s Camp Hoodie.


The original Camp Crystal Lake Counselor patch.


Retro style travel poster or the camp.
Friday The 13th Inspired 1980’s Camp Crystal Lake Camp Counselor ID.
Crystal Lake Counselor Survival Kit – Replica props from the Friday the 13th game


Camp Crystal Lake Necklace With Mask Charm and Machete Charm


Friday The 13th News Print.

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