Epic Illustrated Poster for ‘The History of Metal and Horror’ Documentary

Horror and metal have a close relationship, with many artists in the genre drawing influence from classic horror novels and movies. A new documentary; The History of Metal and Horror which is currently in production will be focusing on this relationship, and will include interviews with key figures from both the music and filmmaking worlds. These interviews include names such as Tom Savini, Gunnar Hansen, Sid Haig, and John Russo as well as musicians such as Kirk Hammett, Corey Taylor, Alice Cooper, Jonathan Davis, and more. All of these people discuss the relationship that horror and metal have shared over the years and the impact that each have had on each other.

I’m really excited to check out the documentary when it’s released, but for now – check out this epic illustrated poster for the film! It was created by artist Brian Allen to promote the film, and features various horror villains battling it out with icons from the world of metal. Brian’s specialities include t-shirt design illustrations, creating album cover art for rock and metal bands, mascot character designs for websites, and illustrations for book covers and retail packaging. He also like zombies. Lots of zombies.






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