Eerie photography by Kelly-Jean


Photographer Kelly-Jean’s day job is in the wedding industry – but her passion is for the dark and gruesome. Having loved horror and photography from a young age, Kelly-Jean found a way to merge these interests and create these stunning, eerie images.

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 She aims to shoot images which tell a story, that are slightly unsettling or that don’t include the subjects face. On her website, she gives an insight into how the horror genre has impacted her work: “My favourite kind of horror is the really subtle, unsettling kind. The sleep paralysis when you’re in bed alone, the eerie feeling that someone is with you in the room, the kind of horror that gives you a sinking feeling in your stomach and makes your heart beat slightly faster but you can’t look away.”

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Masks are a common theme in Kelly-Jean’s work. She told us “When the expression of the subjects face is hidden, it depersonalises their character, it makes them anonymous and for a lot of people that is terrifying. What is the subject thinking, do they have any emotions, what are they planning?”

When shooting her pieces, she often begins with a scripted storylines, creating several images which create a set. The setting is a huge factor, Kelly-Jean explained: “The location of the shoot tends to be a huge inspiration, I just get a little spark in my head in between every picture that says “oh, that would be creepy as fuck, let’s try that”.

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Kelly-Jean plans to continue creating more eerie photography. She told us: “I have stacks of books in my office with tons of ideas scribbled down in them, often with small sketches. I’m still working my way through ideas I had more than 5 or 6 years ago. There are always several boxes of weird props in my house too, filled with fabric, fake blood, masks, face paint – I even have some angel wings in there just in case.”

You can find out more about Kelly-Jean’s work at her official website or Facebook Page.

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