DUMMIES Feature-Length Horror Launches Indiegogo Campaign


DUMMIES is a psychosexual mystery slasher feature film with practical gore effects that boasts iconic crash test dummy killers, shocking death scenes, beautiful girls in peril and lots of surprise twists. It’s director, Joe Magna, is currently seeking to fund the film via IndieGoGo.

Joe has spent over 30 years of his life studying and obsessing over horror films to extract all of the best ingredients for the cinematic concoction that is Dummies. He more recently was the Scare Consultant on Blumhouse’s Hellevator, was brought on to Direct a segment for the Soska Twins’ Women in Horror Month Massive Blood Drive PSA, the surreal slasher short, 13 Doors:American Giallo and segments for We Are Indie Horror.

Five years ago Magna and his team, Cinematographer Ryan Anderson and Producer Joshua Komer combined efforts and created Pinstripe Motion Pictures to bring content to life with DUMMIES being the cornerstone. More recently they partnered with Producer/Actress Cimcie Nichols. After much planning and pre-production, Pinstripe Motion Pictures is ready to terrify the world with the full-length feature film, DUMMIES.

Here’s the synopsis: When teenage horror fan, Sean Castle, wins two infamous Crash Test Dummies from an online auction, he may get more than he bargained for. On the same date the Dummies arrive, Sean’s older sister, Jess is having a Slumber Party at their house. After the girls use a Ouija Board, strange things begin to happen and one by one, Jess’ friends turn up Dead.

Crash Test Dummies are iconic, creepy, and have never been villains in a horror movie, until now.

Dummies is designed to be a no holds barred thrill ride. Scratch the surface of this nightmare and you will find a story that is rich in character and depth, providing twists and turns that will keep the audience both mentally and physically on the edge of your seat, right up until the terrifying conclusion.

Horror fans will love it, and it will create new fans of the genre as it is introduced to wider audiences. Visit the campaign on Indiegogo and donate today. The producers will bring this movie to life, but need the help of the horror community to realize their full potential.

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