Drive-In Cinema, 80s Slashers and Halloween PSAs Revived in The Trick or Treat Picture Show

Production company Cinemaharvest Co. have revealed the trailer and nostalgic artwork for their upcoming horror throwback film The Trick or Treat Picture Show. 

The film was created for Horror Fans and designed for children of the 80’s; and will feature various elements of retro movie culture including drive-in cinemas and Halloween public service announcements. The film is written and directed by Anthony Ashmore, and stars Chris Banks, Kevin Daigneault, and Christopher Greiner.

However The Trick or Treat Picture Show is more of a nostalgic Halloween experience than a straightforward film. The team are creating a 35mm Original Slasher Film; but this will be screened in conjunction with several b. onus features designed to recreate the atmosphere and experiences of childhood Halloween celebrations. Along with the main features, the experience is set to include Paranormal Documentaries, Multiple 16mm Grindhouse Style Trailers, New and Original Halloween PSA’S and Super 8mm Halloween Snack Recipes for Stoners.

You can check out the new trailer for the project below.