Dread Central & Billy Polard Create Horror Movie Inspired Oreos


Horror news website Dread Central have partnered with musician and artist Billy Polard to create these awesome horror movie inspired oreo packaging designs. Billy is self-taught in Photoshop, and his designs feature some of horror’s greatest icons – such as Freddy Krueger and Trick R Treat’s Sam.

It’s the little details that make the project, like Sam’s signature lollipop design etched on the biscuits, or the familiar glowing centre in the Reanimator inspired cookies. Even Silver Shamrock get’s a shout out! Oreo themselves have gotten into the Halloween spirit in the past, creating stop-motion Vines starring the biscuits in various scary movies back in 2013.


Find out more about Billy Polard at his website, The Ghost In You, and see the full series at Dread Central.