These Dragons Want To Guard Your Dice Collection

It’s something of a cliche now to say that RPG fans have an unfathomable number of dice. From this 120 sided mindboggling offering, to dice made from pie – they seem to have garnered their users an unfair reputation.

But, this dragon might be the answer to making those dice look more badass. Dragon Bagons are RPG dice holders with personality who have just been successfully funded on Kickstarter. The handmade beasts and humans were once sworn enemies, but adventurers and dragons are forming a new alliance based on a mutual love of hoarding shiny things.

Dragon Bagons are made of super cuddly microfleece and stand about 8 to 8 and a half inches tall. Flip back their head to reveal the double drawstring dicebag belly that will hoard up to 100 standard dice.

There’s still time to support and pre-order your own dragon through the creators site – where you’ll also find a similar hoarding Cthulhu.

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