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It’s heeeeeeeere! Click here to download the June issue of the Popcorn Horror magazine. As usual, we’ve packed the issue with innovative, exciting independent horror content. As always the magazine is available to download at ‘Pay What You Want’. We hope that if you are able to, you would consider making a small donation. If you are not able to pay, we still want you to check out the magazine for free – and share it with your horror loving friends and family.

Lots of great features in store for June, including exclusie content for Disability in Horror Month. Disability in Horror Month 2017 is a new social movement within the horror community, conceived by Popcorn Horror, which aims to support disabled horror creators, examine the portrayal of disability within the horror genre, and promote greater diversity in horror content.

From Tod Browning’s controversial 1932 film ‘Freaks’, to more recent examples such as ‘Hush’, horror and disability have shared an uneasy relationship. Archetypal villains, disposable characters, and shock reveals have – for the most part – prevented viewers from experiencing horror media with complex, realistic disabled characters. We’re not advocating for filmmakers to stop writing disabled villains – rather to create well researched, detailed disabled characters and challenge the representation we have seen until this point.

Disability in Horror Month came about as several members of the Popcorn Horror team have disabilities. Inspired by the success of other social campaigns within horror, the team decided to mark June 2017 as a month for celebration and challenging preconceptions. The team began to look at how their respective conditions were being portrayed in the films they love, and explore innovative ways of promoting a cause close to our hearts.

Many of the articles and artwork featured in this issue is of a more personal nature to our writers and interview subjects. We hope you find their experiences informative and enlightening. Articles, interviews, comics, artwork, reviews, and much more inside. #SupportIndieHorror

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