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Thank you for checking out the August issue of Popcorn Horror’s digital magazine. We really appreciate your support!

This issue is, as always, packed with the best independent horror content from around the world. Our dedicated team of volunteers have put together a fantastic issue which should tide horror nerds over until Halloween.

We sadly begin the issue with a farewell to one of horror’s most important icons; George A. Romero. Providing fitting tributes to the Zombie King are BLAIRE artist Sarah Allan, and writer Sarah Treanor.

If you’re a little new to independent horror, why not check out our pick of 10 shorts you can watch online for free? Most of them are under 15 minutes, and pack more scares that the mainstream offerings in two hours.

Popcorn Horror regular RJ Bayley has some horror history in store, as he explores the first splatter film. And we chat with Richard Rowntree about his much anticipated indie folk horror film Dogged. If it’s the independent film you’ve come for – then you’ll want to check out our interview with Other Halves director Matthew T. Price about making the first horror film based on dating apps. Plus, we hear from Bad Cookie Pictures, who are talking feminism and horror.

Comic fans, there’s some fantastic stuff to stick your teeth into! Rik Jackson’s Rock in Purgatory (R.I.P) is back for another adventure. Plus we have a short comic from Scottish writer James McCulloch, and an exclusive preview of Thom Burgess’ new comic The Eyrie.

We’re not done yet! Cherise McKeown has a piece on The Monster Charity Project, a great cause using horror art to help seriously ill children. Diary of a Horror Nerd from Kriss Pickering is also inside, encouraging you as ever to spend your money on horror collectibles. And ‎Louise Keay Bell‎ interviews Urban Explorer and photographer Scott Darby in Exploring the Unseen. Finally, if you’ve ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at your favourite horror festivals, we’ve shared some insider knowledge/crazy ramblings about our work on Glasgow Horror Festival.

Hope you enjoy this issue, thank you for supporting indie horror!

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