Doorkickers: Panzer Demon Launches on Indiegogo

Doorkickers Comics have announced the release of DOORKICKERS: Panzer Demon on Indiegogo and is currently crowd funding for a first quarter 2020 release.

DOORKICKERS: Panzer Demon is a 48-page military thriller graphic novel that features a secret special operations team in a struggle against a demonic cult who seeks to release a powerful evil on the world.

This full color square bound graphic novel features a mix of veteran and newcomers on the creative team. Creator and writer, Scott McCullough is joined by artist Ian Waryanto (Mighty Mascots), colorist Farah Nurmaliza, letterer Eric Weathers (Monster M.D., Graveyard Shift) with covers by Tedd Lehman (Flying Fortress) and Narwahl (Earthbound).

DOORKICKERS is the brain child of Scott McCullough, US Army veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan. Doorkickers Comics is a veteran owned small business focusing on multi-media project featuring the Doorkickers Comics brand and intellectual property.

“I set out to create a military horror story that felt current and addressed elements like magic and technology in a realistic and grounded way,” McCullough said. “As a veteran it was important for me to represent the team members in a way that honors veterans of all stripes.”

“There is a renaissance in comics happening through crowd funding,” McCullough said. “There is no middle man, it’s a direct interface to the customer who has unprecedented influence on the direction and tone of the content. It also allows creators to profit directly from their efforts verses a faceless company.”

DOORKICKERS: Panzer Demon opens with a successful raid on a cultist hideout that reveals evidence, which leads the Doorkickers against an ancient evil not of this world. Only the experience and talents of these apex warriors can see them through this nightmarish fight to defeat the Panzer Demon.

DOORKICKERS: Panzer Demon is available to back via Indiegogo now.