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Tom Delmarcel is a 23 year old artist from Belgium. He is currently studying Graphic Design and aspires to become a teacher. He is passionate about art and has been creating it since he was very young, encouraged by his mother. He studied fine art for four years, drawing both for work and in his spare time.

Tom generally draws using pencil, and refines his work in Photoshop or Illustrator, using the software for framing, to isolate a drawing, oe remove the paper texture. He  has always been interested in learning new techniques and methods.

He enjoys drawing interesting characters, working on clean, simple graphic design and photomontage. His style often incorporates features of the macabre. Tom loves anything creepy, freaky or scary – but with a sense of humour and a lighter side. He will merge his dark pieces with their opposite – often the Japanese influenced kawaii style. Some of the main influences in his work include Ben Templesmith , Jérémie Almanza , Dave McKeane , Tony Sandoval, and Tim Burton.

Tom will be publishing one of his This is Death cartoons every Monday on Popcorn Horror