Don’t Look Before Bed – Creepypasta and Dark Fantasy Style Paintings by Stefan Koidl

Austrian freelance illustrator and concept artist Stefan Koidl creates digital paintings in Photoshop that present terrifying horror scenes. He creates many different types of art, but is best known for his scary works which are celebrated around the world.

Many of his works depict scenes inspired by horror films, modern fears, and internet folklore including Creepypasta stories. Some feature iconic Creepypasta Villains like Slenderman, many contain people haunted or stalked by dark entities and monsters.

Artists, films, games. I always wanted to make paintings like the “professionals” do. A huge inspiration is also the ability to paint stuff from your imagination, creating your “own worlds. I love Lord of the rings, Shutter Island, Stranger Things, and everything that has to do with fantasy or horror,” the artist explained.

Check out some of our favourite spooky paintings by Koidl, and find more in his Artstation portfolio.