DOGGED Director Reveals Poster For New Horror Film

Richard Rowntree, director of the award winning folk horror DOGGED has revealed the poster design for his upcoming follow up Nefarious.

We’ve been following DOGGED from it’s origins as a short, to it’s highly successful crowdfunding campaign – to crowning the film the top award at Glasgow Horror Festival 2017. The film was praised across the horror community for it’s atmosphere, visuals, and ability to spook horror fans without a huge budget.

So we can’t wait to see what director Richard Rowntree and Ash Mountain Films has in store for horror fans next. A few months ago he revealed the name of his follow up project – Nefarious, then revealed some exclusive details in an interview for our latest magazine. Today Rowntree revealed the poster design for Nefarious on Facebook – and it looks amazing.

The design has a Hitchcock feel, mixed with some 80s comic book styling – and hints at the home invasion at the heart of the film.

You can follow the film and get the latest updates on Facebook and on the Ash Mountain Studios site.

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