The Video of Furbies Being Dissected By Water Jet Is Oddly Disturbing


Who remembers Furbies? The late nineties ‘must have’ Christmas toy that reportedly lead to riots in Supermarkets, was developed by Dave Hampton and Caleb Chung. Furbies were the first major successful attempt to create a robotic toy that can be trained, learn and respond to human interaction – and the creepy, ugly things have made something of a comeback over the past few Christmases.


The new Furbies are even creepier – with the fact that they are ‘always on’ – and maybe…always watching. So it should be satisfying to see the things destroyed. But take a look at this video from What’s Inside?where we see both a modern and original Furby take on an incredibly powerful water jet. It’s an oddly disturbing sight, as black tears seem to fall from it’s enormous eyes, and it’s beak splits apart to show it’s innards.

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