Disney’s Magical Attractions Turn Into Nightmare Fuel Behind-The-Scenes

Even the most hardened horror fans will have been enchanted by Disney magic at some point in their lives. In particular, the immersive theme park attractions hold a special place in many childhood memories.

But turn on the lights, peek behind the scenery or check under some animatronics – and you might find less magic and more post apocalypse nightmares.

Repurposed animal heads and terrifying robots are among the scares to be found backstage at Disney theme parks around the world.

Max from the Country Bear Jamboree has his innards repurposed for the Haunted Mansion.

The now removed wife auction in Pirates of the Caribbean is even more horrifying minus hair and skin.

We can’t believe Disney didn’t have the budget to add limbs to the Jungle Cruise hippo.

Undead robot pirates are somehow scarier than regular undead pirates.

The song is scary enough, but this demo of It’s A Small World is worse.

Mr. Lincoln just has to take off his suit to prepare for the robot uprising.

Animatronic Avatar was unnerving already. Remove the blue skin to take nightmares to the next level.

Sure, we’ve all seen the Haunted Mansion hanging scene in shadow and from a distance. But turn on the lights and you realize…someone built a hanging corpse…for Disney.

The now extinct 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea turns into a creepy wasteland when the water is drained.

Have you ever seen backstage at a Disney park? Does it ruin the magic, or do you find it interesting?

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