Disney’s Haunted Mansion Portraits Get An Addams Family Makeover


Everyone’s favourite spooky family have invaded the Disney Haunted Mansion! In these fantastic fan works Etsy user MellenIllustration re-imagined the manor’s famous stretching portraits with characters from The Addams Family franchise.


The portraits are found in most of Disney’s haunted house attractions, and depict characters from the chest up. As the Ghost Host delivers his spiel, the room begins to “stretch” vertically. As the floor and fake walls descend, the real white walls and portrait frames (locate behind the fake walls) elongate, revealing the grim fates of the previous residents depicted in the paintings, symbolised in humorously macabre situations.


In the artists illustrations, the traditional characters are swapped out for Wednesday, Pugsley, Morticia and Uncle Fester – in similarly darkly comedic situations.


You can purchase prints of these images from the artist’s Etsy store.


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