Did You Know That Disney Has A Has An Old School Drive-In Theatre Restaurant?

Everybody likes Disney, right – even the hardened horror fan? Sure, we might gravitate to the haunted manor, or the Tower of Terror, but we still enjoy a bit of Disney magic.

Drive-In Theatres were once the home of horror and sci-fi – giving low budget and indie offerings an audience. In their heyday, there were over 4000 across the US, giving rural areas access to cinema for the first time. Although they rapidly declined in popularity with the advent of home media, Disney have tried to capture a little of the Drive-In spirit in this awesome restaurant.


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The Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant is located at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, one of the four main theme parks at Walt Disney World, in Bay Lake, Florida. The restaurant is modeled after a 1950s drive-in theater, with booths resembling period convertibles. While eating, guests watch a large projection screen displaying film clips from old B-movies such as Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster, Plan 9 from Outer Space, and Attack of the 50 Foot Woman.

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Some of the servers at the Sci-Fi Dine-In wear roller skates, acting as carhops, while others improvise characters such as a police officer in search of people who have snuck into the theater without paying.

The dining room is dark and air-conditioned, and measures 8,400 square feet (780 m2). The ceiling simulates a night sky replete with twinkling stars made from optical fibers. There is the facade of a snack counter at the back of the room, behind which is the kitchen. The upper walls of the dining room display a cyclorama of Southern California as seen over a fence.


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Food selection at the restaurant comes from the traditional cuisine of the United States. Popcorn is served as a free hors d’oeuvre. Other food items include milkshakes, hot fudge sundaes, seafood salad, turkey sloppy joes, fried pickles, St. Louis-style barbecue ribs, beef-and-blue-cheese salads, sautéed shrimp with farfalle, French fries, cucumber salads, Buffalo wings, Boca Burgers, Tofutti, and steaks. Drinks include souvenir phosphorescent ice cubes.


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